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Looking for Partnerships, R&D Expertise and Technical Cooperation

ISQ is a private and independent organization, founded in 1965 in Portugal, with a permanent presence in 16 countries. ISQ offers technical inspection, training and consultancy services, supported by research and devel-opment activities and 21 internal accredited laboratories. We can offer several kind of expertise that can be presented in two groups:
- Vertical expertise: includes the different fields of Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering, Tech-nical Inspections, Laboratories, Health Safety and Environment, Energy and Quality Systems, among others.
- Transversal expertise: includes vocational Trainning and Research and Development.

In recent years, ISQ has invested more than 55M€ in R&D projects. All R&D activities are supported by qualified and expertise staff, rooted in a constant growth of knowledge and technology, with a view to offering our costumers and partners the best global solutions.
The creation of partnerships with public and private enterprises, as well as diversification of our activities, results from our commitment to offer high quality service.

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