Cristiano Soares

MARSENSING - Marine Sensing & Acoustic Technologies, Lda.

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DescriptionMarSensing is a company with a group of people with a long standing expertise in Underwater Acoustics. We provide our clients with custom and off-the shelf technology and knowledge in signal processing for elegant solutions in Underwater Sound. MarSensing's main objective is to turn scientific and technological knowledge into services and products with high economical and social value. This is being achieved by the development of highly reliable acoustic devices and the offer of services in Underwater Noise relying on noise monitoring and prediction methodologies. The company provides consultancy services in underwater acoustics, develops instrumentation for acoustic data acquisition, and participates in R&D projects. In parallel MarSensing provides technical support to the local maritime scientific community in marine technologies and marine biologists in studies involving the marine flora and fauna. Previously, the company has provided consultancy on underwater noise is several projects related to offshore renewables and wave-energy.
Organization Type Company
Founding Year2007
CityFaro, Centro Empresarial Pav. A5, Campus de Gambelas Google map

Underwater noise

Consultancy in underwater noise:
- Underwater noise surveys in the scope of offshore technologies R&D, or in the scope of Environmental Impact Assessments.
- Underwater noise modelling.

Technologies for underwater sound observation.

Keywords: underwater noisenoise modellingacoustic systems
Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical cooperation
  2. Commercial cooperation